Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There are many different treatments available, including pills, injections and vacuum pumps. A highly effective and satisfying option is a penile implant. It is surgery, and your doctor may recommend less invasive options first. Once it’s done, if you want an erection, you can achieve and maintain an erection, almost as easily as flipping a light switch—without interrupting intimacy.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment

The Virtue male sling is a treatment that may offer a permanent solution to incontinence. After surgery and once the healing process has completed, you can enjoy the active lifestyle you had before, without fear of leaking.

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

You’ve already taken a major step by educating yourself about the treatment options available for Peyronie’s Disease. Remember, Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction are not an inevitable part of aging. These conditions are treatable and the majority of men can be helped.

Testicular Implants Treatment

Saline-filled testicular implants are available from Coloplast for males of all ages who have lost or will lose a testicle. Your doctor and your family members can give you advice about this implant surgery, but the choice to get a testicular implant is a decision that you must make.