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ED isn’t an inevitable part of aging, like the appearance of a few gray hairs or developing a need for reading glasses. It’s a highly treatable medical condition that you don’t have to suffer with in secret. With help, you can get back to enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship with your spouse or partner.

Find a Qualified Doctor Who Specializes in ED

Use our physician finder to locate a specialist in your area with the experience needed to treat erectile dysfunction.

When you meet with your physician, here are some questions you can ask:

  • How many penile implant procedures have you done over the course of your career?
  • What are the advantages of the Coloplast Titan® penile implant?
  • Am I an ideal candidate for a penile implant? Why or why not?
  • Are there any additional diagnostic tests that you would recommend before the procedure?
  • What happens during the surgery?
  • What are the risks?
  • What can I expect during the recovery process?
  • How long should I wait before resuming intercourse?

Talk to Someone Who’s Been There

Your physician can give you information about the technical aspects of having a penile implant, but there are some questions that can only be answered by someone who actually has a penile implant. Connect with a patient educator to learn more about what daily life is like with a penile implant, including if the operation will affect your sensitivity and ability to ejaculate.

Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

Your penile implant cost will depend upon the terms of your policy, however, many Medicare and private insurance plans do cover a large portion of the cost. The reimbursement specialist at your urologist’s office may also be able to help you get information about if you have any out-of-pocket cost for the procedure. Learn more on insurance coverage here..