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If you feel like your insurance coverage is impossible to understand, you’re not alone. Insurance policies are notorious for their complexity. The information below may help you better anticipate your expenses as you plan to take control of your health.

Coloplast offers innovative solutions to three common men’s health issues:

  • Titan or Genesis penile prosthetics, surgically implanted devices that treat erectile dysfunction when drugs or external devices fail to produce the desired results
  • Virtue sling, an implantable sling which supports the natural structures of the body to treat urinary incontinence
  • Torosa testicular prosthesis, a saline filled prosthetic implant for men and boys who have lost a testicle to injury or disease

Men considering these surgical procedures are often eager to estimate their out-of-pocket responsibility. This is perfectly understandable, as unexpected bills create unnecessary stress.

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“I have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan.”

“I have commercial insurance coverage through my employer or I have purchased an individual plan.”

“I am covered by my State Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care program.”

“I am currently uninsured or my insurance has denied my appeal.”