Consider Torosa® Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis, the only FDA-approved testicular prosthesis on the market. Torosa aids in creating and restoring a more natural look and feel of the testicles in the scrotum.

While it is important to know that a testicular prosthesis is strictly for cosmetic appearances only and is not a functioning testicle, the cosmetic benefits provided by Torosa testicular prosthesis have resulted in psychological benefits and high levels of patient satisfaction.

Missing a testicle can be emotionally challenging. Testicular prostheses represent a simple, effective, and safe surgical solution that alleviates these feelings of altered body image for many patients.2


Important Safety Information

A testicular implant is concealed entirely within the body to address the loss of a testicle or testicles for both adults and children. The Coloplast TOROSA Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis is intended for use when cosmetic testicular replacement is indicated i.e., in the case of agenesis or following the surgical removal of a testicle.

The implantation of testicular prostheses is contraindicated in the presence of infection or untreated neoplasm (abnormal growth).

Testicular implants are surgical solutions requiring a healing period that have risks associated with surgery such as pain, anesthesia reactions, silicone reactions, bleeding, infection, repeat surgery due to sizing changes or potential leakage. Implant considerations may include your medical condition (e.g., lupus, scleroderma, neuromuscular disorders), lifestyle, personal preference and cost.

This treatment is prescribed by your physician. Although many patients may benefit from the use of this device, results may vary. Discuss treatment options with your physician to understand the risks and benefits of the various options to determine if a testicular implant is right for you.

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