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Patients Share Their Stories

How has having the inflatable penile prosthesis impacted my life? In a word, confidence. I’m able to walk into the room now and be that guy that I always wanted to be, just confident and self-assured and knowing what I want. That has made all the difference for me.


The Coloplast Titan changed my life for the better and I didn't have any other choice. That was what was going to work for me and my body and when I decided to go with it, I didn't look back.


The most surprising thing to me would be that patients do not know that the Titan or the implant exists, so therefore they are really surprised that it exists and they are willing to proceed on with it once they find out about it.


As far as the feeling with the Titan Penile Implant, it’s exactly the same. I find no difference from when I was a younger man to now in the feeling. The sensitivity is still there; your ability to ejaculate is still the same. It's a win situation all around as far as I'm concerned; I would do it tomorrow morning.


The Titan has given my wife and I the chance to be high school sweethearts all over again.



Help is Here

Coloplast has a legacy of creating innovative solutions to common men's health issues. These conditions can be tough to talk about, but know that you're not alone. With treatment, every day can feel like a new beginning.
Even if pills haven’t worked for you, a Titan® penile implant by Coloplast can give you the ability to get an erection as easily as flipping a light switch. This discrete, surgically implanted device is custom-fitted to your body — no one but you will know it’s there — giving you the chance to enjoy your time in the bedroom to the fullest.
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Incontinence shouldn’t keep you from staying active. The Virtue® Male Sling by Coloplast is a surgical treatment that offers a long-term solution to your fear of leaking so you can get back to living life fearlessly.
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Most guys have never heard of Peyronie’s Disease until they start to notice a change in the appearance of their penis. The condition can seem frightening, but Coloplast’s Allograft has been used to correct the curvature for more than 3 million men — giving them the ability to get back to enjoying an active sex life.
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Losing a testicle can make you feel self-conscious in front of others, but a prosthetic implant can help you regain confidence in your appearance. Coloplast offers saline-filled implants for men of all ages who have lost one or both testicles. The implants look and feel totally normal because they’re approximately the same size, shape, weight, and softness as a natural testicle.
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The Coloplast History

A simple solution with great significance.

Coloplast’s roots lie in the desire to help others. In 1954, nurse Elise Sørensen found herself searching for a way to coax her sister out of isolation. Thora was afraid to go out in public after her ostomy operation, worrying that her stoma would cause an embarrassing leak. Elisa gave her sister a new lease on life by creating an ostomy bag with an adhesive ring that fit tightly on the skin to prevent leakage.

Today, Coloplast specializes in helping a wide range of patients find innovative solutions to their personal healthcare needs. We’ve been named the company with the top reputation by the independent UK research organization PatientView four years in row, illustrating our commitment to compassionately addressing concerns such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.