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This video reflects one person’s experience with Titan.  Coloplast invited Colin to share his story and provided compensation for his participation in the video.  Each person’s situation is unique; your experience may not be the same. Talk with your doctor about whether this product is right for you.


Explain a little bit about yourself and your circumstances that lead you to get a penile implant.

My name is Colin. I am from Eagan, MN. I’m currently 25 years old. I started realizing that something might be wrong around the age of 17 or 18. It was very confusing. You didn’t really know where to go to because it’s not something that you would talk about with your family and friends. So the first person I told about my condition was my dad. I started the conversation with, ”Dad, I think I have Erectile Dysfunction.” His first response, it was silent and he goes, ”You’re kidding me.” So that’s when I knew that this was probably a bigger problem than what I had thought and it would take a little bit of help to get me to where I needed to go.

I decided to go to a Urologist. I called to make an appointment for the potential that I had Erectile Dysfunction. When I got there, he instructed me to test pills to potentially provide a solution and return after that. After I had tried the pills for a potential solution and nothing happened, I was referred to the Mayo Clinic to see if I could find a solution there. And as soon as I went on my first visit, they kind of pointed that an implant would be right for me, but we had to do a series of tests to see if that was going to be the case.

The cause of my Erectile Dysfunction was from birth. It was a natural cause and up until receiving an implant, I had never achieved an erection. It was a very exciting time for me. It was a little nerve-racking, but I knew that I was working towards a solution.

How was your recovery?

Post-recovery was very long for me. It did take a full eight weeks for me to feel like I had recovered from the surgery. Even anything as far as sitting up was a little bit painful for me. I went down to my activation visit and the doctor walked me through how to inflate and deflate the device – again, there was still a lot of pain – and I wasn’t able to use it until about 13 weeks post-surgery.

How has your life changed since you got the penile implant?

My surgery was five years ago. And since then, the implant has felt like any other body part to me. It flows naturally with what I do, it fits comfortably, I’m not limited by any physical activities, nobody views me as being different. Now that I’m in my 20’s and I have my implant, it has made relationships flourish. There is something that wasn’t there before that can be there now and predominantly it comes from me being confident. It changes the way you approach talking to others, talking to your friends, talking to girls. I wasn’t confident when I approached anybody.

What advice to you have for men battling with Erectile Dysfunction?

What I would like other men to know about receiving an implant is that it’s a solution and if you have a problem with Erectile Dysfunction and your roads are leading to an implant, don’t be afraid of it and entertain the option. The Coloplast Titan changed my life for the better and I didn’t have any other choice. That was what was going to work for me and my body and when I decided to go with it, I wouldn’t look back.