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This video reflects one person’s experience with Titan.  Coloplast invited John to share his story and provided compensation for his participation in the video.  Each person’s situation is unique; your experience may not be the same. Talk to your doctor about whether this product is right for you.


What circumstances lead you to get a penile prosthesis?

Near as I can remember it started slowly. I was in my mid-forties when I noticed some problems and was married for 31 years, and my wife and I accepted that after a while. At that point, there were not too many things out there that I knew of that could fix this problem, so I kind of like living with it.  Although, I did go to my family doctor, who was a relative, and he tried a number of things. He tried testosterone, which didn’t work, and then he said, “Well, maybe it’s psychological John.”  So I said okay. So he sent me to a psychologist, and I think I went for two or three sessions with that, to no avail. But that was it, I more or less lived with it and it got progressively, slowly, more pronounced as time went on.


What other options did you try before deciding on the Titan OTR penile implant?

I tried an ED medication in a low dose which was not very effective. Then I tried the higher dosage and went up to 100 milligrams of the ED medication, and still not the result that I was looking for.  Then I tried a different ED medication and even a third ED medication, and now, I’m out of options, you know?  He did suggest that I try injections but at the time that did not seem like something for me.


How was your recovery?   

I was a little sore but other than that, every day I got a bit better. Then after two weeks, I was walking around, and I felt great.

I was healing from the second day on. I would say after about five weeks I was told by Dr. Eid that I could use it, but I gave myself another two weeks until everything was healed to my satisfaction. It looked great; it looked great.


What are the most common questions men ask?

The questions a lot of men ask are, for one thing, does it hurt? And my answer is, there is some soreness, but as far as pain, no. Another thing they ask me is, how long does it take to heal up? I tell them, I guess everybody’s different, but in my case, I gauged myself. I said when I’m ready I will know it, and I was ready 5-6 weeks down the road after the operation. It was great; it was great. I can’t say enough about it.


How has your implant affected your relationship?

My girlfriend, we’ve been together now for almost three years, she knew that I was going to go for this, and she’s a 50-year-old, and she’s thrilled with it. One of the benefits that there is to the implant is that men, myself included, would spend so much time worrying about an erection that it took my mind away from the lovemaking, and I was more concerned with “Am I going to get an erection? Am I not going to get an erection?” The chances are I was not going to get an erection, so it kind of ruined things for me. Now, according to her, I’m much more attentive to everything else because my mind is totally into the two of us and the lovemaking. I’m able to pay much more attention to everything else.


Is there a difference in sensation after receiving the Titan penile implant?

As far as the feeling, it’s the same. I find no difference from when I was a younger man to now in the feeling. The sensitivity is still there; your ability to ejaculate is still the same. It’s a win situation all around as far as I’m concerned; I would do it tomorrow morning.


What advice do you have for men battling erectile dysfunction?

I would tell them to do exactly what I did. I would tell them to go to the seminars. I would tell them to go and learn everything they could about Erectile Dysfunction, and then to find a doctor that was so skilled at doing this, and then to do it. I would not hesitate for a moment.