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Life After a Penile Implant

5 things only these guys can tell you


1. “I didn’t know how much it was affecting me”

In his 20s and 30s, John could achieve an erection, but not sustain it. “I felt mentally defeated, worthless and depressed – but I didn’t connect it to the ED,” said John. “At the time, there was a lot of stigma around ED.” He tried pills, injections and a penile pump and while he still enjoyed sex, something was missing. When John was diagnosed with ED at 50, everything fell into place. He now feels that apart from having his children, it’s the best choice he’s made. “Sex is so important,” said John. “When you have an implant, you have control of your sex life, your penis does not.”


2. “The feeling is the same”

Colin was only 17 when he was diagnosed with ED, so he was very relieved that he still had sensation in his penis after getting a Titan Penile Implant. “As far as the feeling with the implant, it’s exactly the same [as before the implant],” said Colin. “The sensitivity is still there; your ability to ejaculate is still the same.” This could be part of the reason that the satisfaction rate of men who have inflatable penile implants is 98%.9


3. “No one needs to know”

As a patient advocate, John hears men, especially single men, express concern that “everyone will know” they have an implant. “They worry that they will have to tell women, or that it will be obvious at the gym or when they wear a swimsuit” said John. “The truth is that no one needs to know unless you want them to.” Inflatable implants deflate almost completely so whether by the pool or in the locker room, there’s virtually no evidence of the implant. Pumping and deflating the Titan™ implant can be accomplished quickly and discretely one-handed with a little practice.


4. “Not all implants are the same”

Tommy, a diabetic who suffered from ED, has this advice for men considering an implant: “Do your research!” Different implants offer different benefits. Coloplast, makers of the Titan implant, provides greater girth and rigidity compared to other cylinders on the market. Talk to your urologist and decide together what implant choice is right for you.


5. “I wish I hadn’t waited so long.”

When we talked to Stan, who suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED) following an unrelated operation, he had one piece of advice for men with ED: Use it or lose it. Stan is referring to the penile shrinkage that results from prolonged untreated ED. Shrinkage can occur as a result of disuse atrophy that causes smooth muscle – like the muscle that surrounds the penis – to atrophy.57


Talk to a Patient Educator

Experience knows no substitute. Only someone who has been there can truly understand where you are now, and candidly answer your questions and concerns. If you’re ready to talk to someone who’s been there, visit to set up a free, confidential appointment with a patient educator.

This information reflects the experience of several men with Titan. Coloplast invites men to share their stories, and in some cases, provides compensation for their time. Each person’s situation is unique; your experience may not be the same. Talk with your doctor about whether this product is right for you.

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