Are sexual relations any more or less satisfying to Ron now than in earlier years with a “natural” erection?

Ron says, don’t expect it to be like you’re 20 again, however, feeling whole again and able to have mutually satisfying sex with the love of your life is the best! You also don’t ever have to worry about finishing first again!


Are sexual relations now any more or less enjoyable than in earlier years before Ron had ED? Please describe, if any.

[Answer from Gail] The implant took us back to where we were before he started having difficulties which was a very good place! Another favorite quote from Ron is “once you have the implant you’ll wonder whey you didn’t do it sooner.” In our case it took us more than 5 years and 9 different doctors to get the correct diagnosis and a doctor who specialized in implants. That was pre Viagra™ days when doctors didn’t even want to talk about the subject.


Does having the implant encourage longer foreplay before consummation by Ron not being so anxious “to get with it?” If so, please explain.

[Answer from Gail] Absolutely, both of us are much more relaxed and able to concentrate on enjoying the trip as much as the destination!


Did beginning again increase the desire of either Ron or Gail?

[Answer from Gail] Yes it made us both more interested in initiating something once we knew it will be mutually satisfying.


If there was a substantial time when you could not have intercourse, was it difficult for Gail to begin again? Was it painful for her?

[Answer from Gail] We were lucky to have had many years of a mutually satisfying sexual relationship before the problem began so I looked forward to resuming that as much as Ron did. Yes we did have to work through some discomfort for me, more of a lubrication issue solved with use of a lubricant plus figuring out just the right firmness to inflate to. Ron’s favorite line with that kind of a question is “it’s not the tool but the skill of the operator that counts.”


Was that first time painful or uncomfortable for either of you? If so how? How has it changed since the first time with the implant?

[Answer from Gail] Ron never had any pain, slightly uncomfortable for me. For me it was mainly a lubrication issue. Once we’d become more active my issues were completely resolved through hormone therapy and foreplay.


How long after the surgery was it before you had your first sexual relations?

[Answer from Gail] Your doctor will most likely tell you to wait six weeks as ours did, but then in our case he OK’d Ron for action at about five weeks after we told him our anniversary date was coming up.


If Ron reaches a climax before Gail, it seems natural that with an implant he could still continue to try to satisfy Gail, right? Also, does it in fact increase the probability that Gail will be satisfied from sexual relations? Please elaborate if possible.

[Answer from Gail] Absolutely! He is a complete stud from my perspective! I tease him that he will be the most popular guy in the nursing home if I’m not around!


Is Ron still able to reach a normal climax and ejaculation from intercourse? Is it more difficult than in earlier years before ED?

[Answer from Gail] He was in the early years. He has MS and as that has progressed, it has become more difficult. But we attribute those changes to age and the nerve damage that goes with MS.


How would you rate the sufficiency of the erection after the implant? Poor, fair, good, or great? How does the size compare with natural erections in younger years?

[Answer from Gail] Great! Ron says he lost some length, but it was a fair exchange for going from no erections to dependable erections. I assure him that he’s the only one that might matter to, the implant makes up for that in total dependability!


How long ago did Ron receive the implant? What are your current ages, and how often do you have sex?

[Answer from Gail] Ron is 71 and I am 69. He received the first implant in 1990, which was later replaced by a new one in 1997. We have sex as often as we want to!


How much pain was there after the surgery, and how long did it last?

[Answer from Gail] Everyone is different in their sensitivity to pain but in Ron’s case the pain was controlled with over the counter pain medication and ice packs for the first several days. After that it was more discomfort and tenderness for the balance of the first week. The second week he was able to go back to work where he was in charge of a crew of men but didn’t have to do much walking, mostly desk work.


I assume you had concerns and fears. What were they and how did you resolve them?

[Answer from Gail] It’s been many years since we made the decision so we’ll try to recall but first I’d like to tell you that they were all resolved through good communication with our urologist who specialized in doing implants, had a great sense of humor and answered all of our questions very openly. He also put us in touch with another couple who had gone through the process and they were able to answer questions from their experience. They were also what influenced us to be open to sharing our experience in an effort to help others like ourselves find the right answers for them.

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