Why cosmetic surgical treatment?

Consider the Torosa® Saline Filled Testicular Prosthesis. Torosa is the only FDA approved testicular prosthesis on the market.9

Torosa can create and restore a more natural appearance of the testicles in the scrotum.9 It is about the same size, shape, weight, and softness of a normal testicle.9 Several sizes are available to accommodate children and adults. Torosa® can be implanted either at surgery when the testicle is removed or at a later date. The cosmetic benefits provided by a testicular prosthesis have resulted in psychological benefits and high levels of patient satisfaction.9 In fact, of patients who were implanted with a testicular prosthesis, 95% reported that they would undergo the surgery again if it was necessary.9

Once the implant has been completed, it will be important to limit your activities for a short period of time to allow proper healing. Your physician will put together a plan specific for your recovery process, your activities, and when you can resume sexual activities.

Choosing to have a testicular implant is a personal choice. It is important to know that it is strictly for cosmetic appearances only, and is not a functioning testicle.