You’ve already taken a major step by educating yourself about the treatment options available for Peyronie’s Disease. Remember, Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction are not an inevitable part of aging. These conditions are treatable and the majority of men can be helped.

  • Make an appointment with a physician specializing in Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Come prepared with questions
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Ask to speak to a man who treated his Peyronie’s Disease
  • Confirm your insurance coverage
  • For more information about Peyronie’s disease, visit


  • The ideal treatment solution will be based upon your individual condition and an in-depth discussion with a urologist specializing in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.


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Frequently asked questions

Will my penis be perfectly straight after treatment?

The goal of surgery is not to make the penis perfectly straight, but functional.

Will I regain the former length of my penis?

The loss of elasticity that occurs with the disease can reduce the length of the penis. Shortening of the penis does commonly occur but is dependent on direction and degree of curvature. (2)

My erections have become weaker with Peyronie’s Disease; will they improve after surgery?

The surgery to correct the curvature will not address the rigidity, or hardness of the erections. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be treated separately.

What can I do to improve my erections and make them last longer?

Erectile Dysfunction is experienced by approximately 30 million men. (3) There are many treatment options that can improve the quality of your erections, including:

Oral therapy (Viagra®)
Penile injections
Vacuum devices
Intraurethral suppositories
Penile Implant

Your urologist will discuss which treatment option is most likely to be satisfactory for you.

If you do suffer from both Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease you may wish to have a surgical solution that addresses both issues.

Will my insurance plan cover a surgical procedure?

Medicare and most insurance plans cover the procedure in most cases. Billing specialists in the physician’s office can help confirm your coverage.